Double shaft nema17 stepper motor



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Double Shaft Nema17 48mm Stepper Motor

Order No. 17HS5005-24S24.PDF and 17HS5005-20BM.PDF
Two-phase bipolar 4 lead wire Nema17 48mm double shaft stepper motor
Size: 42mm*42mm*L48mm
Rated Voltage 3.0V
Current per Phase 1.5A
Resistance per Phase 2.0Ω +-10%
Inductance/Phase 3.8 mH
Holding Torque 0.44 Nm (62
Rotor Inertia 82 g-cm²
Weight 0.38 Kg
If you need to mount an encoder or adjust the knob for control, the motor is an option.

double shaft nema17 stepper

17HS3001-20BM and 17HS5005-20BM stepper motor are available in stock for Rotary Encoder mounting.
Dual shaft stepper motor

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