Spray machine pneumatic or hydraulic for high pressure PU polyurethane foaming or paint

9.5Kw 3-10Kg/minute
25Mpa AB ratio 1:1
11.5Kw 2-10Kg/minute
25Mpa AB ratio 1:1
23.5Kw 3-12Kg/minute
36Mpa AB ratio 1:1


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Closed-cell polyurethane insulation foam spray machine

1. Low failure rate, easy to move, easy to operate, heating faster, spraying evenly.
2. Can spraying, the longest heat insulation pipe is 60 meters.
3. Heating system enables rapid warming of raw materials to the best state, making sure it works great in cold conditions.
4. High precision temperature sensor, real-time acquisition of temperature signals, so that the heater is in good control.
5. Digital counting system can understand original consumption timely.
6. Minimizing spraying congestion with a 4-layer feedstock device.
7. Multi-leakage protection system to protect the safety of the operator.
8. Equipped with an emergency switch system, help operators deal with emergencies rapidly.
9. Installation of a front filter, can effectively filter impurities in raw materials, and reduce the occurrence of gun blocking.
10. The equipment operation panel humanized design, makes the machine very easy to operate.

Application scenarios
1. Polyurethane spray on wall & roof,
2. Polyurea spray for waterproofing & anticorrosion,
3. Construction seam filling,
4. Cold storage spray insulation,
5. Tank and pipe spray insulation,
6. Polyurethane foam for package cushioning,
7. Car roof spray insulation,
8. Highway, railway, automobile, watercraft, mining petroleum, electrical industry, food industry, etc.

Standard configuration
Main machine: 1 set
Spray gun: 1 set
Lifting pump: 2 sets
Barrel connector: 2 sets
Heating pipe: 15 meters( longest 60 meters)
Accessories box: 1 set
Instruction book: 1 copy
Equipment weight: 165kg
Equipment packaging: wooden box

3E, 3H, Q2600, Q2600T are suitable for polyurethane spraying.
3D, Q1600, Q2600D, Q2600D15 are suitable for polyurethane pouring.
Q5200, Q5600, H5600, H5800 are suitable for polyurethane, and polyurea spraying.

Model heating power
Driveway raw material output
Maximum output pressure
AB material output ratio The standard pipe(
Max. lift head (meters)
3E 7.5 pneumatic 3~8 11 1:1 15 60
3H 9.5 pneumatic 3~8 11 1:1 15 75
Q2600 11 pneumatic 3~10 11 1:1 15 90
Q2600T 11 pneumatic 3~10 11 1:1 15 90
3D 7.5 pneumatic 3~8 11 1:1 7 45
Q1600 5 pneumatic 2~6 8 1:1 7 45
Q2600D 11 pneumatic 3~10 11 1:1 7 45
Q2600D15 11 pneumatic 3~15 11 1:1 7 45
Q5200 18 pneumatic 3~8 22 1:1 15 120
Q5600 20 pneumatic 3~12 24 1:1 15 120
H5600 20 hydraulic 3~12 24 1:1 15 120
H5800 30 hydraulic 3~17 36 1:1 15 120

Product Description

Warranty: the goods warranty is 1 year, during the warranty time, free spare parts will be free provided. (Do not include improper operation, or force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, etc.)

Buyer Reading
Any problem, requirement, or suggestion, please contact us freely, we'd be very pleased to be at your side.

Q. How is an order processed?
1. Choose the quantity.
2. Filling your address, and contact phone number.
3. The order will direct you to pay and make a payment.
4. We proceed with your order after your payment.
5. We will give you the tracking No after delivery.
Q. Do you make a test before shipment?
A: We always test the machine fully and make sure it works smoothly before shipment.
Q: What is your MOQ?
A:1 set for wholesale orders.
Q: What packaging type for usual use?
A: Non-fumigation wooden box
Q: What is your mass product delivery time?
A: 15-35 days. The exact time should be accorded to the QTY.
Q: How long is the delivery after payment?
A: Generally, for online Wholesale orders we ship within 7 days after payment is received.
How do you ship goods and how long does it take to arrive?
A. We usually ship by sea and rail transport. It usually takes 15-35 days to arrive. You can also choose express delivery, which takes a short time but costs a lot.
Q. Is it possible to put our logo on your product or product packaging?
A. Yes, we can provide OEM service.

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