Shredder knife box or benchtop shredder for plastic or bones



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4Kw or 7.5Kw Plastic Shredder Knife Box

300 shredder, knife box size 310 length * 256 width Output shaft 45
Stainless steel version sus304
Special steel version nm500
500 shredder, tool box inner size 500 length * 330 width
Output shaft 50
Stainless steel plate sus304
Special steel version nm500

SUS304 is very popular which is also can be used for bone shredding in the food industry. The hardness of the NM500 steel plate is stronger than SUS304 stainless steel.
NM500 is a kind of high strength wear-resistant steel plate, which has high wear resistance, hardness value reached 500 (HBW) is to provide protection in place or position need to wear, resulting in longer equipment life, reduce maintenance and repair to bring down, a corresponding reduction in capital investment.
Plastic Shredder
Size 300 equipped with k series reducer, 4kw 3-phase AC motor (single-phase 4Kw AC motor is also available but its performance is Not as expected), frame, hopper (protective), and electric control box.
Size 500 equipped with k series reducer, 7.5kw 3-phase AC motor, frame, hopper, and electric control box, for larger size and motor request on the shredder please write us an email.

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