Stepper motor with press in drive gear

16 Tooth 0.5M


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Stepper motor with drive gear

NEMA17 stepper motor with drive gear press in for 3D Printer filament extruder is saving on time to work out a drive gear and locate it correct position on the motor shaft.
RobotDigg provide you Custom drive gear material bearing steel, brass, 40Cr alloy, #45 steel preloaded for applications.
filament extruder stepper
Stepper motor 17HS3001-24A 40mm length body plug type connector, rated current 1.68A, resistance per phase 1.9 Ohms +-10%, inductance per phase 4.5mH +-20%, holding torque 400mN.m
Drive gear parameters, module 0.8, teeth 12, pressure angle 20 degree, diameter 11.2mm, material brass.

17HS9402A-N22A 30mm length body motor lead wire out of stepper directly, rated current 1.2A, resistance per phase 2.8 Ohms =_10%, inductance per phase 3.5mH +-20%, holding torque 240mN.m
Drive gear parameters, module 0.5, teeth 16, pressure angle 20 degree, diameter 9mm, material 40Cr.

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