RV30, RV40, RV50 or RV63 worm gear reducer



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NMRV series worm gear speed reducer is a new-generation of product developed by our company on the basis of perfecting WJ series products with a compromise of advanced technology both at home and abroad its main features are as follows
1.Housing:die-cast aluminum alloy(frame size:025 to 090); cast iron(frame size:110 to 130).
2.worm: 20Cr,carbonize & quencher heat treatment make the hardness of gear's surface up to 56~62 HRC, retain carburization layer's thickness between 0.3 and 0.5mm after precise grinding
3.worm wheel: wearable stannum bronze alloy
NMRV30 Reducer
1.Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, light in weight and non-rusting
2.Large in output torque.
3.Smooth in running and low in noise, can work long time in dreadful conditions.
4.High in radiating efficiency
5.Good-looking in appearance, durable in service life and small in volume
6.Suitable for omnibearing installation
NMRV40 Worm Gear Reducer
Aluminum alloy housing
1.Shot blasting and special antiseptic treatment on the aluminum alloy surface
2.After phosphating,paint with RAL5010 bule or RAL9010 silver.
Cast iron housing:
First paint with red anti-rust paint,then paint with RAL5010 bule or RAL9010 silver

NMRV30 5mm key and 14mm output ratio 7.5:1 for 6N.m below, 10:1 for 8N.m below and 30:1 for 21N.m and suitable to work with NEMA23 Stepper Motor
NMRV40 6mm key and 18mm output ratio 10:1 for 17N.m below, 20:1 for 33N.m below and 40:1 for 37N.m and suitable to work with NEMA34 Stepper Motor
NMRV50 8mm key and 25mm output ratio 10:1 for 35N.m below, 25:1 for 60N.m below and 60:1 for 65N.m and suitable to work with NEMA42 Stepper Motor
NMRV50 Reducer

Sleeve shaft for RV30 worm gear 6.35mm bore or 8mm bore
Sleeve Shaft
Output Shaft

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