Stocked brand new stepper motor from Leili or Minebea



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In stock brand new stepper motor from project cancelled, wipe out now and get the best offer.

Stock leili stepper motor

35BYGH12-3W 26.5mm length NEMA14 stepper motor with lead screw

35BYGH39-2W 50.5mm length NEMA14 stepper motor 16mm motor shaft flat to 3.5mm

35BYGH39-3W 50.5mm length NEMA14 stepper motor 69mm long motor shaft

Replacement Z-Motor and Extruder Motor for Robox and RoboxDual.

Stock brand new Minebea stepper motor

17 PM-JO57-01 VM You can perform position control applications with Bipolar Stepper Motor and adjust the motor speed with stepper motor driver circuits. You can use it in Medium Scale Projects, Mini CNC machine tools, many robotic and industrial system applications.
Minebea Stepper Motor
Product features:
Current Per Phase: 1A
Phase Resistance Value: 10OHM
Phase Inductance: 17mH
Step Angle: 1.8°
Number of Steps per Tour: 200
Holding Torque: 3,20 kg / cm
Motor Shaft Thickness: 5mm
Cable Length: 20cm
Weight: 240gr
Stepper Motor Applications:
Step control motors are used in many applications where position control is important.
CNC machines
3D printers & prototyping machines
Laser cutters
Grappling and placing machines

14PM-M004-G2ST 2 phase bipolar stepper motor
Holding torque:
Rated current: 1.5A
Resistance: 1.7 Ohms
Appication: 3D Printer, Arduino, Vision System.
27 teeth 0.5 Module drive gear
14PM stepper motor

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