3D Printer thermocouple or thermo sensor Breakout Board



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Thermocouple or thermo sensor breakout board

K-type thermocouple module 1350C MKS31855
2.Suitable for probe , K-type thermocouple, this module does not include other accessories, please purchase yourself
3.SPI connector, high speed transmission
4.Input voltage: 3-5VDC
5.Temperature value outputs digitally , which does not need amplifier as well as ACD.
6.14 resolution, 0.25C temperature accuracy
7.Size : 20mm *23mm ; the distance of location hole: 15mm ; diameter: 3mm
thermocouple breakout board

AD597 K-type thermocouple MKS-AD597
This board adopts zero resistance instead of the diode to modify the pressure difference, so it is different from the official version.
To work with Ramps 1.4
1. Modify Configuration.h of Marlin, modify temperature configuration:
#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 -1
//AD595and AD597 compatibility, configured into -1
2. modify pins.h of Marlin, find the Pin on ramps1.4, modify #define TEMP_0_PIN 2 into #define TEMP_0_PIN 3;
The pin port of the original thermistor cannot be used , we suggest using A3(D57)which easily connect near 5Vand GND. 3. Connect thermocouple to the AD597 controlboard , don’t mix the positive and negative direction. Then insert the signal wire to the pinboard.
4. Connect the signal wire to the Aux-1 of ramps, red to 5V, black to GND, green or blue to D57.
thermocouple board

MKS PT100 thermo sensor breakout board

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