Single station low pressure molding machine



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Single station low-pressure molding machine

Suitable for product coating by all kinds of low-pressure molding hot-melt adhesive resin; The working pressure from 0 to 6 Mpa. It won’t damage parts, have no chemical reaction, rapid prototyping, and can replace the pouring sealant with shell. After forming protection, it has insulation and a waterproof effect. Low-pressure injection molding solution is mainly applied to bulk-production of automotive electronics and automotive wiring harness, coaxial cable, waterproof connectors, led modules and lamps, pcba, sensors, coil, soft circuit boards, polymer battery, smart home, wearable electronic.
1, Melting Tank, hose and cylinder clamping mechanism use the integration of design, small occupation area, can be placed on the production line for production.
2, Equipped with standard mold, suitable for small and medium mold injection.
3, The mold structure divided into one upper mold and two lower mold, the workbench can move around to inject. It has high efficiency
4, The mold is equipped with a hot runner, no waste rubber and save cost
5, Injection system using the latest super hard gear pump and glue guns, it has compact structure, injecting stability, long service life
6, Single and vertical injection glue gun, providing larger application space for more complex mound
7, Injecting pressure can be adjusted through the control panel
8, Three temperature controllers for all system components(mold, heated hose, melt tank), control the temperature accurately
Low Pressure Injection Molding Machine
Machine Size 962*1003.5*1468mm(430Kgs)
Packing size 1262*1203.5*1668mm(470kgs)
Work station Height 880mm
Melting Tank Model & Qty KH02(2Liter)*1pc
Heated Hose Model & Qty KJ05*1PC
Electricity 220V/1Phase/50 or 60 Hz
Temperature Range Ambient up to 250℃
Max Power 3.0Kw
Min Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
Air Consumption 0.1m³/min
Clamping Device Cylinder
Clamping Force Max 1.2 Ton
Clamping Stroke(mm) 150mm
Sliding Stroke(mm) 300mm
Control System PLC+7’’HMI
LPIM Standard Mold Set Size(mm) 190*160*155

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