2GT Idler Pulley with Bearings

Toothed Idler Tooth Profile: GT2
Tooth Number: 16, 20 or 40
Pitch: 2mm
Bore: 16 tooth 3mm, 20 tooth 4mm n 5mm
Each idler pulley with 2 bearings pressed.
Idler pulley for 6mm wide gt2 belt.
16T 3mm_Toothed stands for 3mm inner bore bearing 2gt tooth profile idler
16T 3mm_No Tooth is 3mm inner bore bearing smooth pulley No tooth profile, so it's OK for either 2gt, mxl, t2.5 or s2m belts.
No Tooth type is smooth idler of same PCD 16 tooth or 20 tooth BUT without tooth.
New arrival: 40 tooth 2GT idler pulley.
40 tooth idler pulley

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