MXL Pulley 18 tooth 5mm or 6.35mm bore

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MXL Pulley

Tooth Profile: MXL
Pitch: 2.032mm or 0.08 inch
Tooth Number: 18
Bore: 5mm or 6.35mm
Material: Aluminum
Gear Width: 7.5mm

mxl pulley 18 tooth
6.35mm bore mxl pulley
RobotDigg can machine you as per project of MXL Pulleys with 16 tooth, 20 grooves and so on, 5mm or 8mm Bore, 6mm, 9mm and 15mm width Gear for NEMA17 or NEMA23 stepper motors. MXL pulley and XL pulley are widely used in different applications and they are European standard Trapezoidal Timing Belt.

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