What is children's preferred 3d printer?

01, Jun, 2013

Happy Children's Day.

What is children's preferred 3d printer?
If I were child, I would like RigidBot and ROBO 3D. RigidBot seems cute and ROBO 3D looks colorful. Wow, that is not the turth. They both are good 3d printer.

RobotDigg is going to supply 3Ders with more product options recently. We are trying to do gt2 pulleys 20 teeth/grooves 5mm bore or 8mm bore, 36 teeth 5mm bore as our standard offer. And we are offering more length option of Threaded Rod Nema17: 280mm Tr8*8(P2) and 350mm Tr8*8(P2) Acme Leadscrews.

RobotDigg will not accept stepper motor only order below 10pcs. We offer Air Mail 1Kgs below or 3Kgs above, 1-2Kgs the only choice is by courier. We suggest Combination Order as before.