1605 Ballscrew Machined with Anti-backlash Nut

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1605 Ball Screw and Anti-backlash Nut

16mm diameter 5mm pitch ball screw
300mm working length 425mm in total, 400mm working length 525mm long
1605_23HS_453 is machined for hollow shaft stepper 23HS4404-K11, working length 350mm
Machined support end for BF12.
ball screw
BK12 and BF12 standard machined ends. 300W and 400W is ball screw length(425mm, 525mm)-machined ends length(65mm=BF12 11mm+BK12 54mm)-length of anti-backlash nut(42mm)
1605 ball screw
Ball screw linear stepper motor solution
Ballscrew Linear Stepper
Nema23 Hollow Shaft Stepper for Ball Screw Linear

Ball Screw Nut for 1605 Ball Screw.

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