Silent Stepper Motor Driver TMC2208, TMC2209, TMC2225, TMC2226 or TMC2160



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SilentStepStick Stepper Driver

Latest update: As you may know the lack of Chips has an influence Not only on car manufacturing But also on kinds of applications.
TMC2225 is HTSSOP package that has better heat dissipation performance compared with TMC2208.
TMC2226 is HTSSOP package that is better than TMC2209 on heat dissipation.
TMC2160 is the stepper driver we recommend for NEMA23 size stepper motors.
TMC2160 stepper driver


Driver-IC: TMC2100, noiseless operation (in certain modes)
Motor voltage: 5 to 45VDC
Hardware compatible with Step Stick and Pololu A4988
1.25A RMS continuous current (equivalent to about 1,77A Imax)
Step Pulse/Direction interface with micro-step function (interpolation of up to 256 micro-steps)
The driver board is "upside-down" mounted, with the chip and the potentiometer down. Very important to make sure Not mounting wrong. To allow this, the pinout is mirrored too.
The heat sink is mounted on the circuit board on the back. This is much better because the heat is much better guided by the heat pipes of the board, than the thick plastic layer of the chip itself.
The best way to adjust the motor current, the voltage at Vref-Pin (0 - 2,5V)to measure and then adjust the potentiometer. The maximum continuous current is 1,25A (Irms) or 1,77A (Imax) and is determined by the 0,11Ω-sense resistor.
Formulas for calculating the values:
Irms = (Vref * 1.77A) / 2.5V
Irms = Vref * 0.71
Imax = 1.41 * Irms
Vref = (Irms * 2.5V) / 1.77A
Vref = Irms * 1.41
Vref = Imax

Example: A voltage of 1.0V at the VREF pin sets the motor current to 0,71A Irms / 1A Imax.
Vref = (Irms * 2.5V) / 1.77A
1V = (0,71A * 2.5V) / 1.77A
Please note: In some stepper motor drivers, such as the A4988, it represents the maximum current (Imax) with other the RMS current (Irms), such as the TMC2100.

TMC2130, TMC2208

Trinamic is a solution provider of stepper driver and controller ICs, embedded systems and mechatronic solutions for stepper and BLDC motors from Germany. Compared with A4982 or A4988, TMC2100 and TMC2130 is performed better to drive not only NEMA17 but also NEMA23 stepper motors.

TMC5160 stepper driver

Up to 60V DC 15A which can be used to drive NEMA23 and NEMA34 high torque stepper motors, microstepping 256th high resolution excellent performance
2-phase stepper motors up to 20A coil current (external MOSFETs)
Motion Controller with sixPoint™ramp
Step/Dir Interface with microstep interpolation microPlyer™
Voltage Range 8 … 60V DC
SPI & Single Wire UART
Encoder Interface and 2x Ref.-Switch Input
Highest Resolution 256 microsteps per full step
stealthChop2™ for quiet operation and smooth motion
Resonance Dampening for mid range resonances
spreadCycle™ highly dynamic motor control chopper
dcStep™ load dependent speed control
stallGuard2™ high precision sensorless motor load detection
coolStep™ current control for energy savings up to 75%
Passive Braking and freewheeling mode
Full Protection & Diagnostics
Compact Size 9x9mm2
TQFP48 package / 8x8mm² QFN

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