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3D print the world you live in, affordably. Gigabot® is 30X larger than desktop 3D printers, challenging industrial 3D printers, systems, and traditional manufacturing processes at a sliver of the cost.
Capable of printing any thermoplastic that melts below 350ºC, Gigabot®’s all-metal extruder opens the door to a wider variety of 3D printing materials, including both high-strength and heat-durable plastic filaments.
Free from the constraints of product versioning, Gigabot®’s frame enables user upgrades and customization. No machine will fall behind, even with user experience improvements and any introduction of new features.

Print CONTINUOUSLY, more than ever before

Build Volume X, Y, Z :595 x 600 x 600 mm ; (212,400 cubic cm)
Volume with Dual Extruder :540 x 600 x 600 mm ; (194,400 cubic cm)
Hot End Nozzle : re:Inspired e3D Metal Hot-End
Supported Materials : Any thermoplastic below 350ºC
Layer Resolution :100 Micron (1/10 mm) (0.004 in)
Printing Speed : 60-100 mm/sec
Nozzle / Filament Diameter : 0.4mm / 2.85mm
Printing Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Bot Control :USB / Viki 2.0 LCD
OS : Mac / Windows / Linux

Upload File Type : G-code (.gco)

Supplied File Creator :Slic3r
Recommended Software :Simplify3D
Power & Wattage :110/220 V (975 Watt)
Power in Hertz : 50/60 HZ
File Transfer Method : USB or Viki 2.0 LCD
Extruder(s) Temp : 180 – 350°C

Build Surface Temp :60 – 100°C

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