12V, 24V or 110V 300mm KAPTON FILM HEATER



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3D Printer Flexible Heatbed

24V 250W Kapton Film Heatbed
Dimensions: 300*300mm or 300mm diameter round shape(Square for XYZ?, Round for Delta Robot?)
3M Tape included on the back
3950 1% 100K thermistor included 1 meter long silicone cables
Kapton Film (Polyimide ) is an organic film with very high dielectric capability, thin profile and low thermal mass, while providing superior resistance to most solvents, acids, and radiation. In connection with these features, Polyimide (Kapton Film) heaters are very ideal for applications
with space and weight limitation: total thickness ≤0.2mm; bending radius ≥0.8mm
be exposed to chemicals or oil
in vacuum environments requiring low out-gassing
fast and precise heating

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