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Ultimaker V2.1.1 Motherboard
Power Supply: 19-24VDC
It can light up Oled, 2004LCD or LCD 12864 for 3d printer.

Do PT100 sensors fit straight into ultimaker 2.1.1. Electronics that you sell. No extra electronics needed?
Yes. no need of extra electronics.

What voltage it puts out to hotend and heatbed if i supply 24v into the ultimaker pcb? Does it regulate it or is it 24v for both? Can the pcb run hot bed alone or do it need extra circuit for that? Max amperages for 24volts?
24V for both heatbed n hotend, no need of extra circuit.
Max 9A for 24V.

Ultimaker V2.1 Oled is available.
ultimaker v2 motherboard n oled

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