Harmonic reducer BLDC servo motor for robot arm



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BLDC servo motor with harmonic gear

1.Isolation CAN communication(Easycan agreement,easy,quick to use,speed 1M). Support contour position mode,and cycle synchronization mode.
2.with 17(50/80/100 speed ratio)harmonic reducer
3.24 bit multiple absolute value(single turn 15-bit multi turn 9-bit)(Battery needed).
4.Multi-stage DD motor structure, large torque output.
5.Integrated servo,to simplify the wiring,small volume.
6.Low noise,low vibration,high-speed positioning,high reliability.
7.FOC field oriented vector control, support position/velocity closed-loop.
8.Can work in the zero lag given pulse state, follow the zero lag.
9.CAN upper computer is provided to monitor the state of the motor and modify parameters.
10.position mode,support pulse+direction signal,encoder following
11.Speed mode,support PWM duty cycle signal speed adjustment.
12.With blocking,over current protection,over pressure protection.
Harmonic Reducer BLDC Motor
Harmonic reducer parameters:
Ratio 50 or 100
Backlash less than 20 acr
Size 42 and 60 BLDC motor with Harmonic Reducer is available
robot arm servo motor
BLCD servo motor with harmonic reducer

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