Desktop SJ25 Extruder and filament production line




Desktop Filament or Tube Extruder

Desktop SJ25 Extruder for 3D Printing Filament made of PLA, ABS, PETG, etc
The SJ25 extruder capability is about 2Kg/h
SJ25 performance parameters:
1 Production: 0.3-3KG/hour;
2 length, width and height, 1.5*0.3*0.5 weight: 60KG
3 Production line speed: 1-40 m / min (actual production speed depends on customer wire gauge);
4 extruder center height: 300mm;
5 Production direction: left release → right collection
6 motor power; 0.18kw
7 power supply voltage: according to customer voltage;
8 screw length to diameter ratio: 11:1
SJ25 extruder

3D Printing Filament production line is available.
Water-cooling tank 1.5 meters 450USD
Filament tractor 640USD
Filament stock unit 600USD
Spooler, winding in array and meter measurement 1000USD
SJ25 extrusion line

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