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Fiber Laser Source

Designed for high speed, high resolution marking systems, this series of pulse Q-switched fiber lasers provides an ideal high beam quality laser energy source for industrial laser marking machines and other laser applications.
Fiber laser is a new kind of solid-state laser. It has the advantages of large heat dissipation area, good beam quality and small size. It is generally composed of pump source, coupler, rare earth-doped fiber, resonant cavity and other components. High-power fiber laser Various performance indicators are far superior to solid-state lasers. Therefore, fiber lasers are unanimously regarded as a new generation of products replacing solid-state lasers, and have gradually developed into important candidates in high-precision laser processing, laser radar systems, space technology, laser medicine and other fields.
This series of lasers consists of a Q-switched device as the main oscillator for pulse energy conversion and a high-power fiber amplifier. This series of products has high output power, low power consumption and high stability, and is suitable for laboratory and industrial use. The product has beautiful appearance and compact structure. It is single machine and easy to operate, and can be directly embedded in the user equipment.
This series of lasers has a wavelength of 1055nm-1070nm and can output periodic pulse sequences with peak power up to 10KW. The laser can be controlled by an industrial laser standard interface that requires an external 24V DC supply.
Large heat dissipation area, narrow light pulse, high peak power, wide repetition frequency range
No light leakage in the case of laser shutdown
High reliability and long service life
Compact and small
Anti-high reverse isolation output, can be processed on high-reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, gold and silver Universal 25-pin interface

High quality laser mode for ultra-fine processing. Materials that can be used for processing include pig iron, stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel plating, galvanizing, etc. The application industry has mobile phone decoration, MP4 casing, small hardware, kitchen hardware, watch casing, medical equipment, tools. All metal products such as accessories, jewelry, auto parts, etc. are marked. And non-metallic materials ABS, PC, epoxy resin, specific product keyboard, buttons, chargers, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances and other marking.
The laser type frequency and power are optional, which meets the processing requirements of marking, cutting or deep carving of the three-dimensional surface of various materials of various users. Widely used in welding, precision machining, cutting, graphic engraving and special material processing.

Technical Parameters:

Avarage output power: 21+-1w
Central wavelength:1055-1070nw
Pulse energy:0.8mJ
Repetition frequency rate: 30-60KHZ
Pulse width:100+-20ns
Beam Quality(M2)<1.5
Power Range:10%-100%
Power Stability:<5%
Beam Diameter:7-9mm
Cooling Method: Air cooling
Working Environment: Temp:0℃-40℃,Humidity:5%-85%(Nocondensation)
Working voltage(DC):24+-1V
Laser Beam offset: <=1.5mrad
Power consumption:200w
Dimension LWH:340*260*120mm

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