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Ceramic Injection and Metering Pump

RT Series Pump are designed for metering or dispensing lower viscosity chemical liquid and pure biochemical liquid. Without dynamic seal, this type of pump is maintenance free by adapting precise fit ceramic plunger and sleeve. Reliable rotary drive system provides very high repeatable accuracy for each turn.
Corrosion resistance to acid or alkali fluid or chemical reaction. Compatible with most fluids.
Elastic sealing approach for fluid inlet and outlet provides more reliable sealing.
Maintenance free design. Almost zero wearing parts. Helps customers maximize machine uptime. Minimize machine downtime and maintenance cost.
Dispensing and loop operation mode. Forward and reverse direction motion mode.
Rich control interface selections. Medium / high torque motor selection.
Wearing resistant. No moving sealing O-ring (tens of millions of operation without wearing)
Ceramic pump modules can be customized per customer's requirements.
Typical Applications:
Lithium battery electrolyte injection
Fluid drug dispensing or filling
Reagent dispensing or filling
Spraying or coating
Silicone oil atomizing and spraying
Contact lens dispensing
Flavor, essence and liquid vitamin additions
Metering Pump
Lithium battery injection pump is a kind of plunger type precision metering pump for metering transportation or quantitative perfusion of chemical liquid and high purity liquid. Ceramic plunger and plunger sets with precision, no dynamic seals, durable wear. The pump uses the stepper motor rotation to drive the ceramic plunger for the rotation and reciprocating motion, the plunger rotation in the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet channels at the same time, the precise synchronization of the plunger for reciprocating movement caused by the cylinder liner volume changes, To reach the suction, drainage of liquid medium, without the need for quantitative control of the liquid through the inlet into the sleeve cavity, and then the liquid out of the mouth through the mouth of the cavity, and then through the pipeline into the user equipment or products.
Injection Pump
Lithium battery injection pump in front of the pump with a special sealing device, can play an isolated air, dust role, greatly improving the crystallization, card pump and other issues. The pump can be adjusted by adjusting the pump head angle to determine the plunger stroke to calibrate the amount of fluid per lap, the pump does not produce trace impurities contaminated liquid. Just release the fastening bolts, will be able to remove the pump head plunger components for cleaning and maintenance, especially for chemical liquid, pharmaceutical biochemical and other high-purity liquid.
Lithium battery injection pump has a very high measurement accuracy and repeat consistency; accuracy is better than ± 0.5%.
All 304 stainless steel pump body structure, all parts of the pump have better corrosion resistance.
Color touch screen controller, built-in high-performance drive and control program can be set a variety of operating parameters and operating mode: metering delivery, continuous multi-circle injection, suction, back flow and so on.
Injection n Metering Pump

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