25Kgs or 50Kgs Vertical Hopper Dryer




Hot air PE/PP/ABS granules plastic extruder hopper dryer

Well-distribute Heated Wind
The heat efficiency is high enough to shorten great amount of drying time.
Precise Temperature Controls
The precise temperature controls ensure and keep a high accuracy of temperature.
Save Time and Manpower
As the hopper body and bottom are designed separately, and therefore it is very convenient to clean materials and quite simple and quick to renew materials as well.
The Trustworthy Design
Fine exterior,solid construction.Short material-melting time greatly helps to promote the spouting speed.
Hopper Dryer Application
Capacity 25Kgs or 50Kgs, Heater Power 380VAC 3.2KW or 4.2KW, Blower Power 220VAC 120 or 180W, applicable Injection Molding Machines 30-60g or 125-500g
Hopper Dryer

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