Magnetic Levitation Display Stand



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Magnetic Levitation

5V DC power supply 350g, 500g magnetic levitation display stand
This is a small electronic magnetic levitation floating holder kit with 220g(0.49lb) holding capacity and 10-20mm floating height.DC 5V working voltage and low power consumption only 1W safe to use ideal for DIY magnetic levitation devices such as the levitation toys, decors and gifts.
Power Supply: DC 5V 1A or USB
Working Current: 0.2A
Floating Capacity: 350g, 500g and 1Kg

How to put the floater onto the deck?
1. Keep the floater and other materials which may affect to magnet away from the deck, 30cm recommended.
2. Power on the deck mechanism.
3. Give it a try to put the floater from the upright top slowly.
4. The LED lights and flash
5. Feel the floater is well put and leave your hand slightly

The magnet is fragile and you'd better get some backup around you.
If you can Not put the floater on a third try, you'd better power off and try again minute later.
When close the display, removing the floater in first and then the power.

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