Integrated Servo Stepper closed-loop NEMA 23, 24 or 34



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Integrated Servo Stepper

NEMA23 size motor integrated with driver both 36V DC power supply input
IHSS57 Integrated Closed Loop Stepper Motor is an all-in-one closed-loop stepper system that integrates a closed-loop stepper motor with a digital driver. Servo control and digital stepper driving technology are perfectly merged into this smart system. An optical encoder with high-speed position sampling feedback of 50μs built inside can help the system avoid losing-step, greatly improve low-speed instability, and reduce noise. This series of products have the advantages of both stepper and servo, features in low heat, smooth motion, fast response, high speed, and big torque output.
Closed-loop Stepper Motor
iHSS57-36-10-31, SS means Stepper Servo, 57 stands for NEMA 23 frame, 36 is power supply 36V DC, 10 is 1N.m holding torque, 31 is output shaft 8*31mm D cut. NEMA 24 closed-loop servo stepper is the same meaning.

NEMA 34 Closed-loop Servo Stepper

Step Angle: 1.8°
Number of phase: 2 Phase
Temp rise( Max): 80°C
Current /phase: 6.0A
Holding torque: 4.5Nm or 8.5N.m
Voltage: 24-80VDC
Motor Shaft Diameter: 14mm
Shaft Length: 38mm
Speed Response Frequency: 200 (KHz)
Speed: 2000rpm
Encoder: 1000Line
IHSS86-XX integrated stepper servo drive motor integrates the stepper servo drive into the stepper motor, which is perfectly integrated. The integrated stepping servo drive motor perfectly combines the servo control technology in the digital stepping drive. The product adopts the optical encoder, and the high-speed sampling position feedback every 50 microseconds can correct the position deviation amount immediately after the position deviation occurs. This product is compatible with the advantages of stepping technology and servo technology. It has the characteristics of small heat generation, small vibration, and fast acceleration. It is a highly cost-effective motion control product.
Closed-loop Servo Stepper NEMA34

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