3D Printer Solid Plastic Linear Bearing 6, 8, 10 or 12mm



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Polymer Linear bearing a direct replacement for the metal LM6UU, LM8UU, LM10UU and LM12UU bearing commonly used in many 3D Printers.
Ideal for RepRap, Prusa, Mendel, etc, plastic ball bearing and linear bearing is getting popular for its property and life span.
Product Specification:

Type 1 RJMP-01-06
6mm Inner diameter.
12mm Outer diameter.
19mm Length.

Type 2 RJMP-01-08
8mm Inner diameter.
16mm Outer diameter.
25mm Length.

Type 3 RJMP-01-10
10mm Inner diameter.
19mm Outer diameter.
29mm Length.

​ Type 4 RJMP-01-12
12mm Inner diameter.
20mm Outer diameter.
30mm Length.
More options please contact RobotDigg by email for quote, thanks.

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