6mm, 8mm micro geared coreless motor



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Geared Coreless Motor

Note: the price is for only 1piece
Motor diameter: 6 MM (6*8MM coreless motor)
Gearbox diameter: 6 MM
Total height: 16.5 MM (without axis)
Output shaft: 1.95 MM (with flat position 1.5MM)
Output shaft length: 2.8 MM (measured from panel)
Reduction ratio of gearbox: 1:26
Rated Voltage: 3 V
Current: 45 MA (locked current 200 MA)
Motor speed: 32000 RPM
Output shaft speed: 1200 RPM (left and right)
Torque: 25 g/cm (locking torque 55g/cm)
Geared Coreless Motor

8mm coreless motor 546:1 gear ratio
Rated current: 4.2V DC
Motor diameter: 8 MM (NdFeB strong magnetic 816 hollow cup)
Gearbox diameter: 7.9 MM
Output shaft diameter: 1.5 MM
Output shaft length: 6 MM
Motor length: 32.8 MM (motor + gear box)
Weight: 5 grams
Line length: 45 MM
Reduction ratio: 1:546
Rated torque of output shaft: 300 g.cm
Maximum torque of output shaft: 900 g.cm
Voltage: 2V Speed: 14RPM No-load current: 14 MA
Voltage: 3V Speed: 22RPM No-load current: 18 MA
Voltage: 4.2V Speed: 30RPM No-load current: 23 MA
Voltage: 4.5V Speed: 32RPM No-load current: 24 MA

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