2017 NEW 2 Heads PnP Machine RDG802A-X with 2 Cameras 26 Feeders



2017 NEW 2 Heads Pick and Place Machine RDG802A-X With 2 Camera 26 Feeders
Max applicable PCB 10mm*20mm—330mm*330mm
Max XY Moving area 395*450mm
Placement head quantity 2
Positioning accuracy 0.025mm
Max capability 4000 pcs/h
Motor control scheme
Stepper motor ( Flexible S deceleration, 80V high voltage drive and S acceleration curve control )
Applicable Components 0402--5050, SOP, TQFP, QFN Ect
Square rail More accurate for 0402 component
Feeders number total=26 8mm=22, 12mm=3, 16mm=1
Visual system 2 HD CCD Cameras
UP Visual system Identify angle deviations and position deviations
Down Visual system Automatic identify mark
Pump 2 vacuum pump, 1 blow pump( built-in )
Power 125W
Power Supply AC220V / AC 110V
Gross Weight 60kg
Net Weight 35kg
Volume 0.38
Support software Protl99/AltiumDesigner/Eagle/Pads/Allege Ect
01 Built-in mute type pump:Efficient/Quiet/Steady
02 Intelligent P&P heads:Automatic dispose picking fail,360-degree orientation
03 All the key parts are top brands,Is the base of reliable
04 Universal suction nozzle,worry free after sale
05 The Ethernet equipment port,High compatibility and reliability
06 The front IC stake:Concenience / Reasonable / Arbitraty set
07 the humanization control panel: care of every steps of your operation
08 The up looking and down looking vision system:The mature visual performance (Automatic identify mark/Automatic identify the centre of components). accuracy of placement from 0402 to QFN and BGA.
09 Humanization PC Software,could support most of PCB design software,such like Protl99/AltiumDesigner/Eagle/Pads/Allegre
The software introduce
1.lifetime free upgrade,and operate more convenience and easy.
2.Support most of PCB design software in the world
3.Automatic identify mark,any shape type,accuracy and quick
4.Support any multiple PCB set
5.Vacuum detection,automatically dispose and make up if picking fail or pick misaligned
6.Break point continue from any where

The price is for the benchtop pick and place machine RDG802A-X only, electronic production line solder mixer, stencil printer, benchtop pick and place machine, reflow oven please write us to asliu@robotdigg.com or skype: robotdogg for further more.
Where to buy TVM802A or TMV802B, CHMT36, CHMT48VA and CHMT48VB?
Can I buy benchtop prototype electric production line using Paypal?
How can I buy from China small batch or prototype pcb mounting machine?

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