SMT dispensing placement machine



SMT placement and dispensing machine

It's a P&P machine with a glue dispencer ON board. Dispensing placement machine 600D can "pick and place" and simutaneously dispensing. It tested well by dispensing red glue. Other dispensing result depend on glue's Adhesion. It can only dispensing liquid glue, it cannot dispense solder paste.
The largest PCB area: 350mm × 260mm.
patch speed: resistance capacity of 4000 tablets / hour, 3000 full-chip visual / hour.
patch accuracy: 0.03mm.
SMD components: 0402,0603,0805,1206 ... SOP, QFN and so on.
Package Type: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, tray, station, and special tube and so on.
stack number: integration Feida West 8mm × 25 bit, the north can do up to 8mm × 25 (North support custom).
Visual Camera: Mark camera + CCD visual camera, visual camera can support two, IC vision mount within 20mm.
The maximum stroke: X415mm, Y400mm, Z15mm.
Power supply: 220V ~, 50Hz.
Air source: external air supply (compressed air 0.8MPa), capacity of 9 to 30 liters pump can be, the standard machine does not contain air pump.
Power: 300W.
Equipment size: Aluminum plate 620mm × 550mm, the maximum width of 770mm × depth 760mm × 360mm high (west to increase 150mm, 135mm increase in the north, the south increased 75mm).
Outer tray outer carton: 83 × 83 × 40CM. Pallet height increased 12CM.
Weight: 70Kg.

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