150mm Tr8*8 Acme Leadscrew Threaded Nema17 Stepper

$32.00 $30.00


Threaded Rod Linear Stepper

Order No. 17HS3001-150N.PDF
Nema17 Stepper Motor, body length 40mm. Rated current 1.2A. Holding Torque 0.4N.m
Tr8*8(pitch 2mm, 4 starts, 8mm lead) #304 SS Acme Leadscrew 150mm long with POM Nut.
Anti-backlash Nut is available as extra to help the performance of repeat.
This threaded rod linear stepper is widely used in precise appliacations as X Y or Z axis instead of motor, coupling n m8 screw or lead screw.

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