3D Printing Filament

3D Filament Production Line

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3D Printing Filament

100 Rolls 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm or 3.0mm Order Price 1Kg NET (1.4Kgs Gross) per roll are as following:
Black, White, Nature, Clear/Transparent, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue (Dark Blue, Sky Blue), Grey, Orange, Skin, Brown/Chocolate, Gold, Silver, Pink, Purpule/Violet, Turquoise, Fluorescence Green or Yellow, etc

Colorful Days from ROBOTDIGG

1.75mm, 3mm colorful ABS, PLA and HIPS Filament for 3d printing.
PVA Filament is also available for Quantity Orders.
Are interested in Filament Making Machine? Please contact with RobotDigg through email.

To accomplish a Filament Order we suggest you Combine Order with other items or at least 15 Rolls filament only order at a time to save on shipping cost. 15 Rolls the gross weight is 22Kgs, to U.S. as example, shipping cost FedEx/UPS is 130USD.
And we offer DISCOUNT for order over 20 Rolls Mix-up Color order.
Color Sheet of Filament ABS, PLA, HIPS.