Quality 440C SUS MGN12 linear rail with carriage

$20.00 $19.00


China made quality linear rails MGN12 series
Material: stainless steel 440C
200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm n 600mm long MGN12 linear rail
1 piece long body MGN12 carriage
200mm rail n carriage 20USD, 300mm rail with carriage 24USD, 400mm rail with carriage 28USD, 500mm line guide 30USD, 600mm rail n carriage 32USD
The linear rail is quality substitute for HIWIN linear rail. 
mgn12 linear guideway
Why option 440C Stainless Steel Linear Rails?
The above photo from left to right is China Made 3 months, 6 months hardened steel linear rail and 6 months 440C SUS linear rails in same circumstance 45-80% moisture Shanghai. And also the SUS linear rail can reach a higher precision request of 0.03mm
Customize cutting request end to end hole center distance, carriages per rail, bulk order for miniature narrow linear rail which is equal to MGN12, please write us for a quote.

Custom length can be arranged per order request 50mm to 1500mm, standard carriage or long body carriage one piece or pieces.

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