RobotDigg Review

We love your reviews not matter good or bad. RobotDigg, more than 3D printing.The following are reviews quoted from internet: YouTube Printrbot Talk Reprap Soliforum Reddit Shapeoko GitHub Thingiverse 3dprintvancouver Boots Industries...


If you are not a factory of 3d printing filament, where you can get bullets? Umh, it's really not a problem for us 3ders, isn't it? We can buy from the factory and we can get anywhere now online stores. It's easy for us even to get Refil. That's true! But do you think about getting 3d printing filament made by yourself? Somebody did. And RobotDigg sell heavy duty desktop filastrude...


Let's Refil! Why not? To spread the mind and technology of Refilament is much important.

Engineering FIT

An interference fit, also known as a press fit or friction fit,[1] is a fastening between two parts which is achieved by friction after the parts are pushed together, rather than by any other means of fastening.Clearance fits for when it may be desirable for the shaft to rotate or slide freely within the hole, this is usually referred to as a "sliding fit."Transition fits for when it is ...

Kossel Delta Bot

New machined high quality parts for Kossel Delta Robot and Step ExtruderCorner MetalEnd EffectorKossel CarriageStepextruderBulldogKossel Bowden Stepextruder...

Aakar Brainboard

RobotDigg has the duty to introduce remarkable products. Today we recommend Aakar Brainboard which is from India. Aakar Brainboard v2 is a modular CNC controller board based on LPC1768/69 Cortex-M3 chip. Due to its modular design it allows easier upgrades as per requirements and easy replacement if there is any broken part. It runs on open source Smoothie modular firmware and is targeted at 3D Pri...

Salute to Carbon3D

It's good to know kinds of innovation on fabrication. It's our honor to share the latest invention on 3d printing, intelligent manufacturing. Carbon3D’s CLIP technology raises the state-of-the-art in 3D printing in three ways: GAME-CHANGING SPEED: 25-100 times faster than conventional 3D printingCOMMERCIAL QUALITY: produces objects with consistent mechanical propertiesMATERIAL CHOICE: enables a br...

Year of the Goat

RobotDigg are getting back on work from 25th, Feb 2015! Founder, Tiger Huang, Hope You Good Luck in the Year of the Goat.

CNY Holidays

Orders before 10th, Feb will be arranged before Chinese New Year! RobotDigg Chinese New Year 2015 Holidays: from 15th, Feb to 28th, Feb.From 1st, Feb to 28th, Feb we do Not accept orders of Custom Parts. RobotDigg Sales Departments will be on duty during holidays, orders online and emails will be replied by sales within 72 hours.

Happy New Year 2015!

Thanks for greatful 2014, a year of RepRap. Happy New Year 2015! 1st to 3rd, Jan is New Year Holiday. Chinese New Year is from 18th, Feb to 27th, Feb. RobotDigg takes your attention that production and shipment from China is Not stable during 10th, Feb to 10th, Mar lasting about 1 month, if you have project of new builds, it's better to purchase your items before 10th, Feb from China or Robot...