3D Printing News of 1st week Dec2015

Apple's patent application could potentially revolutionize multicolor 3d printing 3D Printing has changed the prototyping, living in space n building human physiology outside the body.Graphene 3D Lab Files Patent Application for Industry's Most Graphene 3D Lab Files Patent Application for Industry's Most Advanced 3D Printer And Innovative, Graphene Based Organic LED Light Source ....

3D Printer Review 2015

Welcome to share with RobotDigg your think of 3D Printer of 2015.Recommend us 3D Printer 101, 3D Printing 101, Top 10 3D Printer of 2015,3D Printer Media 3dprints.comTop 10 User Manual of 3D Printer

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Questions want answers

RobotDigg want your answers on the following two questions: 1. Prusa i3 rework, do you really need a 300mm Tr5*2 lead screw threaded Nema17 stepper motor? 2. Do it matter an odd number of teeth or an even number of teeth of a timing pulley? We are glad to have your answers on these, please email to to win COUPONAnswers who win: 5mm screws are nice because they are considerably ...

Holiday Notice!

Some tips to order with RobotDigg&RobotDogg (RDG): 1. The "pay online' button will be activated within 12 hours, after RDG's quote of shipping cost for the placed order. You can leave us note of attention about declare, invoice by email, custom needs, etc. 2. You can log in to pay, cancel, make a new order and checking status, etc. 3. In usual, shipment will be shipped out within ...

The Most Common 3D Printers: Cartesian, Delta, and Polar

If you’re a regular reader here at Make, then you have seen many 3D printers. We talk about them all the time, and have even done comprehensive comparisons between many of the commercially available desktop printers in our Special 3D Printer Shootout Issue. One common question we get though, is “why does that one look different than the one over there?”. To hopefully answer that question a bi...

Makrtoolbox on Kickstarter

It seems that Drane n 3D Printing are the mainstream of Technology category on Kickstarter.As series report of Kickstarter Projects(KKP) RobotDigg(RDG) engaged, it shows we are in lack of feedback from clients except Tooli. Today we bring a cancelled project Makrtoolbox back, even though failed on funding but we were encouraged by kinds of funding projects.Trends of 3d printing that RDG want ...

Tooli on Kickstarter

RGD is going to share series of Kickstarter Projects(KKP). If you have any startup project on the go, please don't hesitate to contact with us. RGD will report and even to promote the project.Today's KKP---Tooli, page on kickstarter the Creative CNC Tool, plot, airbrush, laser, dispense.T...

Motors 4 Pick n Place, SMT, Syringe

Ultra-thin Stepper Motor for pick n place machineHollow Shaft Stepper Nema8 to Nema11 for pick n place head More hollow shaft stepper motors nema8, nema11, nema17 n nema23 Nema17 n Nema23 hollow shaft steppers you can leave us message for more details.Non-captive Linear Stepper Nema8, Nema11, Nema14 n Nema17 for Syringe System of 3D Printing or Food Industry. Come on Nema17 n Nema23 Non-captive Li...

WebShop Upgrade

The web shop of RobotDigg is upgrading during this weekend, last from 20th to 22nd, June. During this time, if you have any questions please email to sales@robotdigg.comNew Features: 1. You can pay after our quote of shipping cost online. In usual, it takes within 12 hours after you hand in the order. Note: You will Not receive a quote email anymore. And please make sure your delivery address...