Ball Bearing ABEC 5, ABEC7

Recently, one of my client asked me how to choose ABEC ratings, and which one is suitable for his machine .Maybe there are many guys also want to know something about it. Here are some simple introduction following my dig out.   First of all,the question is WHAT ARE ABEC RATING? The ABEC scale is an industry accepted standard for the tolerances of a bal...


Dear All RobotDigg Customers, Thank you for your long-term trust in RobotDigg Equip Makers is always our goal. Thank you for following us and our daily visits is over 5000 today. Your business is also OURS. Some customers proposed to show their products in We discussed carefully. If RobotDigg can help you share your sound products, that’s a great thing! Hereby, Rob...

Project AMF

Congratulations from RobotDigg to Matteo 8th, August 2016, thanks for the builds and sharing. "The great news is a little more complicated, we're trying to find a way to release this project as 100% working by the end of the school year in a way that even if we stop developing it anybody else could continue our work (we were thinking about a virtualized pre-built web-service that can be installed ...


ROBOTDIGG Equip Maker Hereby, it is announced that ROBOTDIGG has launched a yearly sponsor-Educational Fund by means of supporting students who may need ROBOTDIGG hardware yearly, starting from June 16th, 2016. Equip Makers is always the goal of our team, we hope student-makers can achieve better by ROBOTDIGG hardware supports. YEAR Total Fund Value Shipping+Hardwares Supporting Means Supporting O...

Heatsink in 3D Printing

Heat dissipation is one of the most important point of consideration while designing a hardware. In 3D Printing, heating is referred to several sections. And in this case, heat dissipation is one of the problem faced during printing. First, the stepextruder and hotend. Cartridge heater is widely used to heat the hotend to melt the printing material ABS, PLA, POM and so on. How to cool the hotend i...

Omni wheel vs mecanum wheel

What is the difference of Omni Wheels n Mecanum Wheels? Let's see what the internet is telling us "Omni wheels are cheaper, and allow for truly omni-directional motion. The programming is really not that difficult. My team built a holonomic drive train this year and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made." Quoted from  the following technical discussion

Hyperloop One

The Age of the Hyperloop Has Arrived. Well, for the Most Part WITH A DEEP hum, linear induction motors spun up a powerful magnetic field along 200 feet of track in the Nevada desert.Top 5 Free STL editors, to prepare your model for 3D printing Top 5 Free STL editors, to prepare your model for 3D printing anf their Pros and Cons: expiring p...

Give Your Mom A Life Size 3D-Printing of You

Latest 3d printer/printing news May 2016HP Inc. Targets 3D Printing Tech Startups with New Corporate Group: HP Tech Ventures The company made it clear right off the bat that their new Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer, due out this year, and the entire 3D printing industry would be a ...Czech pilot is back with fantastic 3D printable RC Messerschmitt Bf 109T airplane Like its predecessors, it looks fant...

Differences between digital servo n analog servo

Digital Servo and analog servo (RC Servos) in terms of the basic mechanical structure is exactly the same, mainly driven by a motor, reduction gear, control circuits and other components, and digital and analog servo steering gear is the biggest difference reflected in the control circuit, a digital servo control circuit of the servo microprocessor and more crystal than analog. Do not underestimat...

Stepper Motor Damper or Dampener

What's Damper or Dampener? From wikipedia, a damper is a device that deadens, restrains, or depresses. That's it damper is a kind of buffer between two parts or items. It's existed in daily articles like office chair, crane lift chair, peristaltic pump, etc. Stepper Motor Damper or Dampener for Stepper Motor Energy- absorbing Rubber with two pieces mounting face metals used onto N...